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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instead will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
-Thomas Edison

As a physician, my goal with each patient is to treat the whole body; not just the symptoms. While many health care professionals prescribe pills to treat their patients’ ailments, I treat mine by prescribing specific nutritional plans, therapeutic exercise regimens, and/or high quality supplements. Whether I’m treating an elite athlete, newly diagnosed celiac patient, or somebody simply seeking natural weight loss; I’ve found that high quality supplements can play an important role in helping people meet their health goals.  I’ve had great success in treating conditions such as chronic migraines, IBS, skin issues, depression, anxiety, obesity, neurological symptoms, insomnia, chronic fatigue and many others, through dietary or nutritional management. Why spend your money on pricey prescription pills that come with a laundry list of side effects (and often only help to cover up your symptoms) when you can naturally and permanently treat those same conditions.

Gluten sensitivity and full-blown Celiac Disease are considered the most untreated and underdiagnosed life-long diseases in our country. With such a need for awareness in this area, I spend a great amount of time and effort educating the public and other healthcare practitioners of the significance of gluten related disorders. When educating the public I emphasize the importance of avoiding gluten (found in wheat, barely, and rye) in those diagnosed as well as the crucial health benefits that come with testing each patient who displays a suspected sensitivity. While a gluten-free diet is key in extinguishing the internal fire often caused by a gluten-related disorder, this is only the first step when it comes to healing the body. The gluten-free diet will help to put out that internal fire, but additional supplementation is required to actually heal the tissues and organs that have been damaged by ongoing gluten exposure.

Our ongoing success with weight management and overall health improvement in patients is not achieved by putting someone on a temporary "diet" or weight loss plan. Instead, we work to educate patients (and the general public) on Lifestyle Management through exercise and movement, stress management, and balanced nutrition. In an effort to help with the transition to a more balanced and nutritious diet, we encourage all who partake in our Weight and Lifestyle Management programs to include specific meal replacements and nutritional components in their daily regimens. These supplements can help support a healthy metabolism, balance blood sugar and insulin levels, decrease cravings, and optimize the body’s ability to utilize fatty acids. As mentioned, a transition to a healthy lifestyle is not achieved by only changing one aspect of one’s life; but through changing many habits and activities. Supplements play a vital role in weight reduction and overall health improvements but will have little or no effect when applied without the necessary lifestyle activities of balanced nutrition, exercise/movement, and stress management. There is no magic pill or formula for optimal health; however when applied as a part of a balanced program supplements can help to add years to your life and life to your years!

With our children becoming more sedentary and eating more refined processed foods, the prevalence of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and a plethora of mood and behavior disorders are on the rise. Considering the lifestyles of so many of our youth, it's no wonder that for the first time in history the generation born today has a shorter life expectancy than the generation before it (as stated in the New England Journal of Medicine). Introducing a healthy lifestyle at an early age is crucial in helping our youth live long, fulfilling, productive lives. By setting an example and educating our children on the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise, we can empower our children to live a balanced healthy life. In addition to promoting a healthy diet and physical activity, we can further help our kids to grow and thrive by filling in the nutritional gaps with a good multivitamin, essential fatty acids, and vitamin D3 supplementation.

As a very driven athlete myself, I know the importance of proper nutrition and high quality supplementation when it comes to my active lifestyle. Taking pride in practicing what we preach, my wife and I both compete in natural bodybuilding and partake in a variety of other active hobbies including mountain biking, running, hiking, kayaking, and yoga. In addition to our array of hobbies, we keep a very busy professional schedule that requires a great deal of energy and organization to maintain. With our busy lifestyles we rely on proper supplementation and nutrition to keep us functioning at our best, no matter how many hours we’re on the move.

With all the confusing and lesser quality supplements on the market today, I trust Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations to keep my body operating in optimal condition and I recommend these products to everybody seeking to improve their health and overall quality of life. These supplements are third-party tested and provide only the purest forms of supplementation on the market. Why waste your money on “mystery” products that may or may not provide the nutritional support they claim? Instead, shop our Metagenics or Pure Encapsulations stores and know that you’re getting one of the best supplements on the market.

Best of health,

Dr. Jason M. Kremer